The Denver Trail Heads is composed of a wide variety of members and organizers. Our organizers work hard to create fun and exciting events. The tone of an event is set by the organizer. Hiking speed, number of breaks, fitness level required, picture taking, dog friendly, etc. Sometimes it is not as much the location or type of event, but who is running it that will determine if it is the event for you. Below you can learn a little bit about each of us.

Greg Walters

Born in Oakland California more years ago then I wish to count, I have been hiking with my family, friends and several hiking clubs for many years now. In the 90's and early 2000's, I was active with the Sierra Club, running trips for the Services subcommittee of the Outings department. On these 10 day trips, members would base camp in the wilderness, spending our days building trails and generally improving the outdoor experience for those to follow.

Today, I like running day hikes, backpack trips as well as overnight outings to Forest Service cabins and facilities. My day hikes tend to be 8-10 miles in length with moderate to difficult elevation gains and terrain. I like hiking in wilderness areas the most. The less improved the better.

Locations vary with the seasons. Higher altitudes in the warmer months. Lower as the temperature drops. When snowshoe season is upon us, expect to see an event where ever the snow is deep enough to have some fun.

Occasionally during the week, I will run an evening hike. These tend to be 3-5 miles in length and much closer to the Denver area. Starting around 6-6:30, there is always the race to get everyone in before the sunlight fades.

During a hike, I tend to be pretty laid back. I know people like to hike at their own pace. As long as no one gets left behind, that is fine with me. I try and hike with as many different people in the group as possible. Safety is important. Typically during the end of a hike, I will be in the back of the pack making sure everyone makes it out OK.

I like the social aspect of hiking. When possible many of my trips will include a place to eat afterward. Just a little social get together to unwind and chat with everyone in the group.

I almost never allow dogs on hikes I run. I like dogs and have had many over the years. I have one now and she does not join me on the trail. She stays at home and is always happy to see me when I return. If you like to hike with dogs, lets talk about putting together a dog hike that you can lead.

There are so many great places to see in Colorado. Most of my hikes will be as new to me as they are to you. If you like a little adventure and want to see all the Colorado has to offer, sign up for one of my hikes, you will not be disappointed.


I have been hiking or X-country skiing on a weekly basis since 1996. That is when I joined the Colorado Mountain Club. I learned about several different trails during my time with them and which ones were my favorites. I also learned and adapted the habit of stopping for lunch - usually at some beautiful destination before turning back. I find that stopping for lunch is a great way for everyone to socialize as a group and to relax and take in the wonder and beauty. In 2006, I left the CMC but continued going on weekly trips with friends. I have a long list of favorites: places I?ve been to many times and others that I want to return to after years past. I have been organizing outings for different Meetup groups for a full year now. I tend to hike/ski anywhere from 6 miles to 10 miles. The average elevation gain on these trips is 1500 ft. I hike/ski up-hill at a slow pace. Because of this, I happily suggest others to go at their own pace. On the down-hill parts I am happy to say that I keep a moderate pace. I love being outside and taking in the beauty of the mountains, creeks, flowers, lakes?. I enjoy sharing these favorite places of mine with others and socializing along the way. I allow dogs to go on my trips in the summertime. In the winter, when skiing, I do not allow dogs on my trips. It is too risky for both dog and person when going down-hill fast.

Bill B

I am a recent arrival to Colorado, have been here since 8/09, but I did live here for a five years back in the '90s. My occupation as a computer consultant took me away but I knew I would come back as soon as circumstances allowed.I try to scout out the trails that have the most scenery, and which are just challenging enough to get the heart rate up. My trips in the winter tend to be easy enough for beginners if they are in good shape, because I am a beginner myself.My trips in the sumer tend to be more challenging and at a faster pace. I hope to do some 14ers this coming summer, as well as some other trails above the treeline that get the heart pumping both from exertion and the view.


I did not grow up hiking, but I started when I moved to Colorado in the 1990s. I figured out it was the best way to see beautiful waterfalls, lakes and other amazing places in the backcountry.I love exploring and taking pictures. On weekends, I prefer moderate to strenuous hikes that end at a beautiful place. I also enjoy hiking after work, but due to the time constraints, I often end up on a trail in Golden or Boulder .I like the social aspect of hiking with a group, so I tend to start at the front of a hike and work my way back chatting with everyone. That way I end up with the last folks to make sure everyone finishes the hike safely.With so many amazing places to see, I typically pick hikes I?ve never done. Come with me and we will both see something new.I enjoy hiking so much, I also write about it for both channel 7, where I work, and for a Web site called Denver Examiner.Please check out my articles:The Denver Channel Discover ColoradoDenver Hiking ExaminerI welcome your hiking questions and hiking trail suggestions. Email Me

John O

I am an active, social person that likes to hike. I organized and led hikes for a now defunct singles activities group for many years. During the spring through fall, I try to hike 2 or 3 times a month. During winter, I enjoy snowshoeing and try to get out at least once a month. I am a member of the Colorado Mountain Club and recently started the process (it takes a while) of becoming a CMC hike leader. I have hiked eight "14ers" with 3 of them being the top 3 in the "lower 48": Mt. Whitney in CA (we did that as a 3-day, 2-night backpacking trip), and Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive here in CO. I climbed Pikes Peak this past July, spending an overnight at Barr Camp and then we took the Pikes Peak Cog Railway down from the summit! In general, however, I am not a big "peak" person. Most of my outings are day hikes to alpine lakes. I enjoy hiking old favorite trails and exploring new ones. I am very familiar with many of the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. In October, a friend and I are doing a 5-day backpacking adventure (North Rim to the South Rim) in the Grand Canyon with the Grand Canyon Field Institute.

Matt Nason

Hi I'm Matt. I'm originally from Maine but I haven't lived there in almost 15 years. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a History Degree and then later with my JD. Somehow I'm working with computers now, go figure.I've been in Colorado since 2007 and am still in awe of the mountains. I moved here from South Carolina where the highest point is around 3,000 ft. What really drew me to hiking out here is it's such a great way to get to see the state and see lots of the natural beauty that we're lucky enough to live near.A lot of times I like to hike on my own, which works out well because I can scout out trails/areas before I introduce them to the group. Sometimes it's fun to go out with a group and see everything from a different light. I'm one of those people that can do the same hike lots of different times and still enjoy it.I usually like shorter 4-5 mile hikes on weekdays and somewhat longer 8-10 mile hikes on the weekends. I certainly don't go every day but as it gets warmer I'll probably be out hiking 3 or 4 days a week. My pace is a bit faster than average, but as long as time isn't an issue I don't have a problem taking things slower. I'll always let people know what pace is required for any particular hike.


I am a Colorado native who grew up in Southern Colorado. I have always been an "outdoorsy girl" and have enjoyed the mountains throughout my adult life. I was an avid cyclist and cycled almost everyday 20-60 miles, but after having a back injury I found I wasn't able to ride without pain, so I started hiking. Shortly after, I found and began hiking almost every weekend. I found this was such a great way to discover new trails and great new friends that loved the outdoors as much as I do. I found winter hiking/snowshoeing was as much fun as summer hiking and offered a whole different glimpse of our spectacular mountains. Sometimes it is hard to get out the door when it seems so cold, but as soon as you get started it usually turns out to be a great day and you don't even feel cold! Layers, layers, layers!Being an endorphin addict from my cycling days, I usually hike at a fast pace, but I don't mind slowing down when I am leading a hike for beginners. I believe all trails can be as challenging as you make them depending on your pace. You don't have to do fourteeners to get in great hiking shape.My favorite trails are those that offer a variety of natural elements like groves of aspens, fields of wildflowers, unusual rock formations, brooks and lakes, if it culminates with a great view, all the better! I have discovered so many great trails in the foothills and keep searching for more quick trips on days where I don't have time to spend so much time traveling. Since many members hike at different paces, it's fun to have social time during an event be it lunch or dinner at a local bar or restaurant after the hike or a potluck lunch on the trail. This gives members a chance get to know each other better and it is just plain fun! I also like getting further into the mountains where the views are even more spectacular and you can challenge yourself at altitude. Please let me know some of your favorite hikes so we can share them with the group!


The Air Force brought me to Colorado in 1985. I went backpacking within a few weeks and decided this was the place for me. I love being outdoors, a destination is not required. For me it is about the journey. The hikes I organize will be at a slow to moderate pace. I occasionally like to go on long hikes so I may leave earlier in the morning. I also enjoy photography so I will organize photography hikes. When I go hiking with a group I like to socialize after. Stopping for a meal on the way home will almost always be part of the day.If there is someplace in Colorado you really want to go, let me know. I will scout it if I haven?t been there and organize a hike.